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How much horsepower will my vehicle gain?

It depends on your specific application, but we personally guarantee gains up to 30% of both horsepower and torque.   

Can I hook up a boost controller to the supercharger?

Yes, many customers do this as a way to manage their boost systems.  We include one free with your purchase.

Will this supercharger lean out my car?

We provide an EPROM performance chip with your order to optimize your vehicles ECU.  It is very easy to install, instructions to do so are provided with your order. 



How do I know you have a compatible model for my vehicle?

When you order, please fill out all forms correctly; we will match you with a supercharger and chip for your specific application. 

How much boost do your units provide?

Our units are fully adjustable and can boost up to 8 PSI.  As stated on our homepage, we provide a manual boost controller with your order to adjust power gains.  Your EPROM performance chip will aid these changes in boost automatically. 

What will my supercharger look like?

The model of supercharger you get will be similar to what is shown on our homepage.  The actual model you recieve for your vehicle can vary. 

What is your supercharger made out of?

We use high tensile materials to ensure proper durability.  Our products have never failed under any testing condition.   

How do I know if you have a compatible model for my car?

When you order, please fill out all forms correctly; we will match you with a supercharger that has been tested for your specific application.   

How does this work?

The electric supercharger compresses air via compressor electrically, then sends it into your combustion chamber.  Air is taken from your intake filter, and is sent down the intake manifold.  The supercharger is hooked in parallel to your vehicles existing intake plenum.  The wiring diagram of the supercharger is shown below:



How easy is it to install?

All orders will bolt directly on; there is no need for custom fabrication.  Full color instructions will be provided with your order to ensure ease of installation.  If you ever have trouble with install, we have a technical support team of staff to help you with any unresolved issues.   

How do I order?

Click on the ‘Order Now’ button on the navigation bar above to start the checkout process. 

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Orders will take up to 7 days to ship, and will be done so via USPS ground.  Faster shipping arrangements can be made.  Please e-mail us for further details. 

Do you offer a guarantee?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.  Items must be retuned within 14 days of arrival.  As stated, up to a 30% gain in horsepower and torque is guaranteed for our supercharger packages.


Manual Boost Controller Now Included With Your Purchase.  Offer Ends Soon!

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