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The folks at Thrasher Motorsports have decided to put our products to the test.  Now, we give you their results:
"Right away when we received your kit, We were impressed.  Just how do you put together such a showpiece?  Anyway, let’s get down to it.  We installed your supercharger and chip kit for the b18c1 on our Integra GSR in 60 minutes flat.  No problems there.  Next, we threw the car on the dyno for testing.  We wanted to start boosting the engine a little at a time until maximum boost was achieved. Starting off with 2 PSI, we noticed some real significant gains.  The testing reflected that.  Then, we tested at 4 PSI, 6 PSI, and 8 PSI.  Wow, I can’t believe an electric supercharger can give this kind of results.  I have printed out the dyno test for 8 PSI to show to your customers.  We would like to become a dealer of your products in the near future.  More samples to test would be great."


Ben Franklin

Thrasher Motorsports


Manual Boost Controller Now Included With Your Purchase.  Offer Ends Soon!

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